About Melissa

I’m Melissa Farrugia. Truth Teller, Seeress, Keeper of Wisdoms, and Daughter of Mountains.

My core values are truth, integrity, freedom, authentic beauty, and creation; through all seasons and cycles of life. I believe life created and woven by personal values is an empowering and fulfilling one.

My path of embodiment and soul wellness began in 2005, awakening in a hospital bed after surgery and witnessing the incredible healing ability of my body. I wanted to know more and, for the first time in my life, followed the intuitive threads that simultaneously led to Holistic Kinesiology, my first solo adventure into the mountains, Hummingbird Medicine, and Shamanism.

Upon my return, I devoted two full years to studying Holistic Kinesiology & have continued to deepen and develop my Shamanic nature ever since. Both pathways of healing and transformation activated my innate gifts. Soul Wellness Shamanic Kinesiology ® is born from an amalgamation of both dimensions of holographic healing.

In 2014, on the precipice of divorce I began channelling Alchemy Codes. Afterwards, I created Devotion.

After Shamanic Initiations in Mexico in 2015, I created Womb Blessing.

And upon my return from Peru in 2018, I created Women Are Weavers.

Teaching, mentoring and guiding others towards self-knowledge and self-mastery is part of my soul work in this world. Are you ready to be guided into your own sacred mysteries?

When I’m not in service to Soul Wellness, I’m living my medicine: writing, singing, nourishing and creating for myself, playing by or in the ocean, walking coastal paths and mountains, or cooking and creating with ancestral plants. Sometimes solo, and other times with family and friends.



The Birth of Soul Wellness

In 2009, I founded Soul Wellness as a way to deliver my soul-aligned work into the world. A natural creative, I marry intellect with intuition, strategy with soul. The threads that weave the physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic elements of life together enliven me.

I utilise my seers ability to help you dissolve limiting illusions, perceptions and paradigms, that are re-creating distortion, pain and chaos. This process empowers greater personal discernment, creative choice and deeper connection with your inner wisdom and power.

Over time and with life experience, I’ve become skilled at understanding the patterns that create experiences, and the embodied shift required so authentic personal power is reclaimed, rebuilt and restored.

I’ve built and continue to evolve my life on these wisdoms, and I am passionate about sharing my gifts with those who feel called to step in and transform.


The Heart of Soul Wellness

Soul Wellness is the inner-world journey of personal growth, expansion, and awakening to the path of your True Heart.

Your journey of soul wellness honours divine and sacred timing; directed by the pulse of your spirit, the timeline of your empowered soul, and the power of your free will.

Approaching healing and transformation in this way, assures sustainable, aligned, and embodied growth, so you’re able to feel liberated from what feels heavy and false, and come alive as the radiant being you are.


Who I usually work with and how I’m able to help

Since 2009 I’ve worked with thousands of beautiful souls within 1:1 sessionscircles and courses that are sacred and ceremonial by nature. Those who walk the Soul Wellness path are:

  • Self responsible souls who are at a growth point in their life, or at a cross roads that will alter the timeline of their lived experience.
  • Interested in co-creative healing and transformation. Each time you step in, you actively participate in your own healing and transformation, as this is the empowered way.
  • Those in the process of re-writing their life story: entirely or partially. You’re on the precipice of transformation, walking into the wild unknown with choices to make.
  • People who are willing to go within, and see themselves with kind and honest eyes. This involves shadow work to truely become free and aligned with your True Nature.
  • Intuitive beings who are awakening, and want guidance and support as they begin to feel and sense more than they have before.
  • And, those who want to Truly understand themselves, know that personal evolution is the work of their life, and want to return to communion with their True Self.


Do some of these patterns resonate with you? 

By engaging the services I offer, you’re supported as you free yourself of conditioning and limitation reductive to your sense and expression of self.

Through expansive healing practices that feel nourishing to your soul, liberating to your heart, and refreshing to your mind, your True Nature is strengthened so you feel alive and awake in the life you’re living.


I’ll guide you towards your unique keys of True Personal Power.

Deeper self-knowledge.

Greater personal consciousness.

Soul embodied wisdom.

Throughout our work together, you’re encouraged into sacred self-responsibility and deeper self-love, so you’re able to live a more authentic, fulfilling life path, empowered by your True Heart, True Voice & True Nature


If you feel called to work together, it will be an honour to guide your transformation.

Unsure where to begin?

Peruse Frequently Asked Questions for guidance, and book Lightning Clarity: a 10 minute complementary conversation to help you become clear on which Soul Wellness Service is best suited to you.


Qualification & Relevant Experience

Within Australia, unless otherwise mentioned


  • Diploma Health Science (Kinesiology), Australian College of Complementary Medicine. 2009-2010.
  • Ghost Writer for an online wellness publication, 2016 – 2017.


Personal Shamanic Awakenings

  • Womb Awakening, 2005
  • Medicine Wheel & Medicine Stories, North Vancouver, 2006 – 2007


Shamanic Initiations + Training

  • Activation and Channeling of Alchemy Codes. 2014 – ongoing.
  • Core Medicine Wheel with Beata Alfoldi, Feb 2015
  • Wild Heart Awakening with Beata Alfoldi, Mexico, March 2015
  • 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki with Victoria Sinclair, October 2015.
  • 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb with Clare James, Nov 2016.
  • Drum Journey Training with Shamanic Energy Training, March 2018.
  • Solo Walk throughout Peru, April – August 2018.
  • Weaving with Vivian Vanesa (Taller Aluna), Peru, August 2018.
  • Andean Wisdom + Ceremony with Reviveolution, Peru, August 2018.
  • Spirit Allies with Shamanic Energy Training, May 2019.
  • Shamanic Initiation into Women’s Leadership as Medicine Woman; Dec 2019- Dec 2020.
  • Accredited Shamanic Practitioner Certification, with Beata Alfoldi, Feb – April 2022.


Plants & Herbalism

  • Plant Spirit Communication with Shamanic Energy Training, March 2018.
  • The Herb Sessions with Heidi Merika, Oct – Nov 2020.
  • Kitchen Table Medicine herbal course, with Heidi Merika, April – May 2021.


For all Soul Wellness enquires, including media and collaboration requests, get in touch via email: [email protected].

I’d love to connect and I look forward to working together.

Much love and soul wellness,

Melissa x