Soul Song

Soul Song

Soul Song (formerly Soul Wellness Shamanic Kinesiology ®) is True mind-body-soul medicine.

A sacred weaving of my personal soul medicine frequencies, holistic kinesiology healing, embodiment, and activating techniques, earth centred shamanistic practices, and Hummingbird spirit medicine.

All uniquely focused and energetically woven, to support you in embodying the True essence of who you are. In the phase and stage of life you are in. 

Offered as an initial 90 minute live online 1:1 session, then as you’re called to receive, Soul Song is designed to activate and awaken the song of your soul, through your body and into your life. 



Shamanic practices are the original spiritual practices of humanity. With traditions, ritual, ceremony and teachings that can be traced back tens of thousands of years, found in every culture, bloodline, and continent throughout the world.

This is the deep richness and fertile soils from which we all come. If you feel called to this work, rediscovering and recovering your personal shamanic roots and spirit nature is a deeply transformative journey. 

My personal relationship with Shamanic Practices places you in communion with the natural world: beginning internally, extending environmentally into the world you walk, create and play within. 

Through knowing yourself as a part of nature, you develop your True Nature, re-informing yourself of who you are, in a more expansive, empowered, humbling, grounded, and unlimited sense. 

Through a shamanic perspective of clear knowing and clear sight, your dualistic nature is embraced and integrated as a core aspect of your wholeness, increasing personal spirit power and strength. 



Holistic Kinesiology is a complementary health and healing modality, with core foundations steeped in anatomy & physiology, vibrational medicine, metaphysics, T.C.M (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and the Chakra System.

Holistic Kinesiology places your physical body, the bio-feedback system of your body, and the intelligence of your body, at the very centre of your soul aligned growth, communing with your:

  • physical, emotional and energetic bodies to activate healing
  • subconscious and ‘higher-self’ to awaken conscious self-awareness
  • soul-frequency to enhance alignment with your powerful heart: the seat of your soul.

At the core of Kinesiology is the infinite divine intelligence of your body: a storehouse of information and untapped creative potentiality, with an ability to heal, rebalance and transform, when supported to do so.

Kinesiology taught me my body is intelligence. Shamanic practices taught me my body is an untapped multidimensional universe.



Soul Song is infused with the notes of Hummingbird spirit medicine, who opens doors and weaves new worlds into being.

When we commune consciously with a spirit medicine ally, they lend us their inherent gifts to help us activate our own. In essence, Hummingbird medicine is:

  • Heart medicine
  • Frequencies of Soul Song
  • The unlimited self
  • The True Soul path
  • Natural Radiance
  • Fertility (in life)
  • Strength
  • Sensitivity
  • Flight in all directions of life, tasting the nectar and True sweetness of alive living. 
  • Everlasting wisdom
  • Medicine and magic for the human soul
  • Eloquence and precision
  • Lightness of path

Hummingbird was my original initiator into shamanic spirit medicine, opening the doors to my life.

In 2006 I met Hummingbird, literally on the top of a mountain, and held her delicately in my hands. Anyone who has witnessed Hummingbird in nature will know how rare this connection is, and know the majesty of witnessing Hummingbirds natural sensitivity, colour, grace, strength in flight, and ability to hold, reflect, and radiate light.

By leaning in, learning from her, and embodying my authentic Hummingbird gifts, I am able to offer this initiation and activation to those who feel called.  

Hummingbird medicine is interwoven in all Soul Wellness services and especially comes alive in Soul Song.



Imagine yourself at the very centre of an energetic circle, where benevolent and beloved allies step in to support you in your healing and transformation. Where you body activates, awakens and shares information, for your healing and your growth. 

This is literally what happens during Soul Song.

Practically speaking, your session is a combination of confidential conversation, energetic weaving, teaching & mentoring, consciousness expansion and embodiment (energy work must be anchored in the body to create real change).

Throughout, you’re 100% involved and in full sovereign responsibility. This type of work doesn’t happen to you. You’re choosing it. And your body is creating the changes.

My role is to guide, witness, facilitate, and lend you my medicine, to activate yours. 

The final 15 minutes of our time together is focused on embodiment and integration.

To complete, you’re provided with a core integration practice, to continue weaving the medicine of your session into the energetic fabric of your body.  

Are you ready?



Things are not always as they seem, so if you find yourself saying “I feel stuck”, have noticed your life doesn’t fit you anymore, are seeking the next step, are ready to go deeper and feel more alive; you are who I work with.


“I had been doing a lot of personal work unblocking beliefs of unworthiness, but needed some one-on-one guidance shifting old patterns that kept continually coming up. Mel has created a safe space for me to be able to go deeper than I ever could have on my own. I’m ultimately now experiencing more personal power through understanding my whole beings worth as one. 

 – Monica Del Rosario.


Soul Song is helpful if you’re feeling flat, stagnant, disconnected from your body, creatively cut off, or ready for deep growth, so you can journey into the next phase of your life, feeling supported from within. 

Each session is highly intuitive in nature, focused and grounded by the wisdom of your body. You participate in your own healing and transformation every step of the way.

Your body Truly is consciousness, sentient by nature, and consistently whispers Truth to you. When you invest the time to learn how to come into communion, your body becomes one of the greatest books you’ll ever read. Your life becomes one of the greatest stories of liberation, freedom and aliveness you will ever tell.

Teaching you how to connect with your sentient nature is central to how I practice.  


Practices I Work With During Your Session

  • Shamanic, Elemental and Earth Centred Practices
  • Soul Retrieval and Embodiment
  • personally channelled Alchemy Codes,
  • T.C.M 5 Element System,
  • Chakra + Meridian rebalancing
  • Healing & clearing of core limiting patterns and imprints
  • Ancestral lineage healing
  • Acupressure – which soothes and supports your Nervous System (I teach you how during your online session)
  • Visualisation
  • Embodied Journey work
  • Conscious Breathing Practices
  • Other life re-patterning
  • Clearing energetic imprints of outdated vows, agreements and belief systems
  • Flower Essences & plants frequencies 
  • Other vibrational therapies, such as crystals, colour, and sound.

The combination of these practices creates space in your body, clearing away old paradigms and programs, to make way for the embodiment of your Soul Song

Formerly Soul Wellness Shamanic Kinesiology ® created in 2014, today in 2023, this core service has evolved into Soul Song. It is time for each and every one of us to allow, foster and facilitate the true radiant song of our unique individual soul. It is time to create, weave, and light up new life.

It truely is time.  


Book Your Soul Song Session

Easily book your Soul Song session here.

For long term support and sustainable growth, consider the Devotion Initiation Journey, or Love Beauty Abundance.  

After your session, support yourself by following these guidelines

All sessions are facilitated globally via Zoom. 



How does healing happen if we’re not in the same room?

Healing isn’t confined to physical space.

The truth is, healing occurs through energetic and spiritual transmission, which knows no bounds.

Before and during your session, I tune in to your energy field, direct the healing, and ‘hold space’ for what needs to unfold for your transformation, so you’re supported throughout your healing.


What do I need to do to prepare for my session?

Once you book your session, it’s helpful to pay conscious attention to any patterns that are playing out in the days leading up to your healing.

Note niggling feelings, emotional triggers or discomfort, internal dialogue, patterns in external relationships that feel especially charged, and questions and ideas you notice yourself organically opening up to.

Essentially, become the observer of yourself and life.

Consider free writing in an organic stream of consciousness (or journalling) prior to your appointment, as this often brings clarity to what you’d like to focus on during your session. Feel free to bring a list of intent. 

Where you are physically during your healing is important too, as it becomes the container for your healing.

Set yourself up somewhere relatively quiet, absolutely private, and ensure you have a solid internet connection for ease and flow of your session.

I look forward to working together soon. 

For an expanded list of qualifications and experience, visit my About page.