Shamanic Kinesiology

Soul Wellness Shamanic Kinesiology®

Soul Wellness Shamanic Kinesiology ® is a holistic energy based practice that serves you by creating energetic coherence and harmony on all levels: body, mind, spirit and emotion.

The powerful blending of Holistic Kinesiology and Shamanic Practices provides a spherical, soul-centric, embodied experience of healing. The trajectory of your session is grounded by your intention:

How do you want to feel?

What do you want to experience?

What do you want to let go of?

Choose this session if you’re ready to shed the past, release old stories and outdated ways of relating to yourself and your body, and are on the precipice of transformation.

If you’re unsure which 1:1 service to book, choose this one.

Soul Wellness Shamanic Kinesiology® sessions are intuitive sessions, grounded in my 13+ years of training and experience, so there’s room to move within them.


Devotion Initiation Journey

In every woman’s life there comes a moment in time, where the call to deepen and rise by the pulse of ones true nature, becomes strong. The Devotion Initiation Journey is for all women who feel a deep and sacred ambition to grow as sovereign leaders of their own life in the Truest sense.

Within Devotion, you’re offered a space to explore your dynamic True Nature, during a three, six, or 12 month deep dive into personal transformation and growth.

Choose this initiation journey if you’re ready to upgrade in a profound way, whilst creating a new and enhanced relationship of love and devotion within yourself.


Soul Alchemy

Soul Alchemy Activation

Your Soul Alchemy Session is the beginning of receiving your personal Soul Alchemy Code – a high vibration activator of energy, which awakens a new template of soul aligned qualities and gifts ready to be embodied by you at this specific moment in time.

Learn more about how a Soul Alchemy Session can serve you here.


Sacred Ceremony

Ceremonies are a form of initiation and celebration.

A gateway moment in time where you’re supported to go into deep communion with yourself for transformation, so you’re able to move forward in your life in new, lighter and more expansive ways.

Meeting yourself in Sacred Ceremony nourishes, soothes, heals, and awakens the life-force energy of your spirit.



Power of Perception Mentoring is designed to ignite, inspire and empower your personal creative light.

Over two 60 minute sessions, we’ll focus on co-creating clarity so you’re able to move forward with aligned and grounded focus.

Choose this service if you want to create new awareness and understanding.