Embodied Empowerment. A Call To Share Your Magic.

Embodied Empowerment. A Call To Share Your Magic.

Embodied Power

I believe ’empowered’ is a word that has been over-used and under-embodied.

The heart and the humanity of the word, lost.

When you pause for a moment and breathe into it, how does the word ’empowered’ feel and where does it sit in your body?

All words are vibrational codes which breathe upon us and effect our being.

The definition of the word ’empowered’, as defined in the dictionary, is this.

To make stronger and more confident, especially in controlling life and claiming rights.

A good reference point, though I encourage you to create your own relationship with the word. Any time you have direct involvement with anything, you become more invested.

This is my definition.

The process of becoming empowered, is embodying trust, confidence and strength to make conscious choices which feel right (not necessarily easy), and pull me forward in life.

To make stronger… This is a practice, a sign of self-devotion and responsibility. The embodiment process of empowerment takes time.

It’s one thing to know an idea intellectually, grasp it, resonate with it, explore it, and allow the shifts to take place deep within your body.

It’s something entirely different to live your knowing.

Most often a process of falling down and getting back up, with courage and compassion.

For those of us with broad dreams and the desire to fly… It’s easy to become lost in the world of dreams because we live most readily in vision.

More in love with the new idea that floats in from the ethers than the follow through of creation.

I know this well.

As do I know the story of dis-empowered thought blocking my visions coming into manifestation.

What if no one understands my vision?

What if it’s not required and makes no difference in the world?

What if I can never be successful living my vision, the way I desire to live?

What if I need more experience or need to study something else, before I’m really ready?

The truth is, your ego is never ready even when your soul is. This is why you must give into your nudges of knowing, leap and trust.

The more you feed your passions, your visions, your knowing; the more empowered you become. The stronger you feel within yourself.

We need your magic in this world.

So please get on with the work of living an empowered life, so you can gift us with your vision in manifested form.

Yours in soul wellness,

Mel xx

Melissa Farrugia