Growing Beyond Comfort and Into Alignment

Growing Beyond Comfort and Into Alignment

Growing Beyond Comfort and Into Alignment

The journey of alignment is often a courageous one.

The new journey begins when you’re called to grow beyond.

Growing beyond could be anything at all: it could be growing beyond the current state of how you feed your body, or how you speak about yourself, or how you relate to life, or care for your immediate and/or global environment. It could be how you care for your money, or how you respect your dreams.

The call to grow beyond may feel like an internal felt sense, or life may be showing you…

What patterns keep revolving?

What conversations do you have on repeat (with yourself or others) that feel old?

What do you hear yourself saying that doesn’t feel like truth?

What are you tired of hearing yourself say?

These are all calls to grow beyond, and hints that there’s higher alignment and truth waiting to be discovered.

Growing beyond is expanding beyond your current experience of life, and your current knowledge of self.

A dance, where you sometimes you know the steps, though more often than not, you don’t. 

A continuous choice that sometimes feels like an uncomfortable and clumsy ride.

And this is ok.

It’s all part of the adventure.

Qualities that are helpful at this point: presence, courage, compassion, trust, curiosity, faith and a willingness to learn new ways.

Willingness to cultivate new skills.

When you feel alignment, it feels like a missing piece has slotted into place.

But before then, you flip between extremes. Between how you know to be, and a version of how you feel you would like to be.

And this is why you continue to choose in the moment.

Because alignment is a devotional journey.

Alignment feels like a full body resonance, where your mind and body are operating at the same vibration.

Where how you are and what you say and how you feel all match. 

Where you feel in all of your being, whole, completely at one, and cohesive.

These are the moments where you take a step back and appreciate yourself and life, where you enjoy the state of being that you’ve created for yourself.

It’s this moment, where all the conscious work you’ve done to grow beyond old ways and your shadow, makes sense.

It’s that moment in time that feels luminous, and contentment floods you.

The moment you wake up.

And soon after this miraculous alignment, if not already, your life shapes itself according to your new aligned vibration.

Life applauding you for your devotion to yourself.

Much love and soul wellness,

Melissa xx

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