Do you avoid feeling difficult emotions? This knowledge will set you free…

Do you avoid feeling difficult emotions? This knowledge will set you free…

Feel the full spectrum of emotions

When you dip into your body, to discover how you’d ideally like to feel in your life; which emotions do you naturally sway towards?

Happy. Content. Peaceful. Calm. Vibrant. In control. Purposeful.

Do any of these feel good to you?

What if you felt in deeper again?

Went bolder and more honestly into how you would like to feel, despite any reservations around living from a deeply immersive space.

Then what would you say?

Take a moment now. Breathe. And then sink deeper again. Into the crevices of your body. Into the depth of your bones.

How do you desire to feel?

Now, what if I said that in order to deeply embody those emotions you want to feel, and experience the expansiveness that you seek, you’d need to dive into the mud of the emotions you’ve been avoiding. The ones you’ve been numbing out.

Would you say yes to diving into the mud?

And then dive in again, once the next layer of healing rises to the surface, clearing away the old to make way for the new?

This is the work that is done by those that you see who are deeply connected and alive in the life they’re living.

The truth is, we are meant to feel the full spectrum of emotions, because in one way or another they are all useful. The trick is to learn how to glide through them, claiming the gold along the way, rather than staying stuck.

The rewards are why we keep diving into the mud to bring up the gold. Because each and every time, after we’ve emerged from the mud, we come up brighter than ever before.

Emotions are commonly labeled positive or negative. Positive for those we enjoy feeling, and negative for those that feel painful.

We’ve been conditioned to fear ‘negative emotions’, so each time one crops up, an internal battle begins, and conflict arises within us. When we feel an emotion that is perceived to be negative, our automatic response is to shut it down and by-pass the emotions, cutting off the gifts that these emotions are bringing into our awareness.

When we shut down how we feel, we’re saying how we’re feeling is wrong, that an innate part of our being is wrong. This judgment is what keeps us stuck in deep shadow emotions and old stories. It’s what prevents healing and coming to wholeness.

What if instead of this approach, you went in deep, and felt intensely for an hour, a day, or a month, or however long it took to claim the gold from your emotions?

What if you became the keen observer of your needs and the one who also honoured them.

What if, instead of simply affirming positive beliefs, you showed up for yourself with courage and did the work to get you to a place of contentment and happiness?

Your Relationship To Your Emotions Are Your Guiding Light

Sadness is movement from the heart. A slow drift of release, where on the other side you’ll find stillness, ease and joy.

Anger is a motivator for change. An energy which breaks up old stifling patterns and behaviours. It’s also the emotion that hides fear. The louder anger becomes, the less likely it is that you’ll hear your fears of change and consequence of change. Fear is what typically keeps the cycle of denial and numbness running.

Grief is connected to your breath, your source of life. It’s a process of letting go of the old, and honouring what has been. A deeply sacred process that opens up space so that you can take in life once more. Once grief has run it’s course, once you’ve let go, renewal and birth of new life awaits you.

For you personally, your emotions are going to reveal intricate details and patterns, and mirror back parts of yourself that you may not have recognised.

These are the gifts of gold which can be found when you patiently and compassionately allow yourself to feel the full spectrum of your emotions.

Feel it all.

Do the work.

Claim your medicine.

Honour both your light and your shadow.

Your coming into wholeness.

Much love and soul wellness,

Mel x

Mel Farrugia