How to Become More Present to Your Body and Your Life in 5 Minutes

How to Become More Present to Your Body and Your Life in 5 Minutes

Anyone that has worked with me before knows that I love breath based grounding practices.

They’re simple and therefore powerful in nature.

They’re effective and can be done anywhere and at any time.

They engage all of your senses.

And as you gradually deepen your breath, you invite more of life into your body.

Your lungs and the quality of your breath mirror your ability to receive the fullness of life and let go of what is no longer of value.

As you inhale you receive.

As you exhale you let go, creating space for what is valuable to you in your life.

Your breath reflects your current emotional state.

The deeper and fuller your inhale and exhale, the more present to your body and life you become, and you discover yourself in the present moment.

Struggling to breathe deeply and fully?

Place the palms of your hands over your upper lungs.

The support of your palms will encourage a gradual deepening of your inhale.

I shared the following breath based grounding practice with one of my Devotion clients this week, after she mentioned she’d been trying to become more grounded and present before her session.

I know that you can do all the spiritual growth work in the world, though unless you’re grounded and connected to your body, the growth that you so lovingly invest in becomes blocked, and the pathway to embodying change and growth is impeded.

This practice is also effective when you’re feeling intense emotion, to help you move through the layers, rather than getting stuck.

And so…


A Simple Grounding Practice

Sit, stand, or lay with your spine against Mother Earth, or the floor.

Bring your full attention to your breath.

Place the palms of your hands on your hips.

Begin inhaling through the soles of your feet (your Sole Chakras).

Imagine inhaling Mother Earth energy up through the soles of your feet and into your body.

Intend for your exhale to leave your body through both the front and back of your Heart Chakra.

Follow your cyclical breath; in through your feet, out through your heart.

Continue for as long as you need to, becoming more present and connected to your sense of self.


Know Your Body

Your hips and pelvis are the cornerstones of your body; the connection point between your upper and lower body.

Your Hip Chakras provide fundamental support to your physical body, as well as your inner world, and is closely connected to our ability to move forward in life.

Your Palm Chakras are supportive in your ability to give and receive, to be in reciprocal flow with all of life.  Your palms also engage with your Third Eye Chakra: how you see yourself in your world, and how you perceive the world is receiving you.

Placing your palms on your hips helps to stimulate grounding and connection throughout your entire body, helping you to feel supported and in flow with all of life.


Give the above grounding practice a go now.

How do you feel?

Much love and soul wellness,

Melissa xx

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