How to Get The Most From Your Kinesiology Sessions

How to Get The Most From Your Kinesiology Sessions

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I love the above image.

It’s one from my adventures in Tulum, Mexico, where I spent 8 consecutive days in circle with 12 other beautiful souls. We were all there to show up completely and dive into the work of deep inner healing.

I’d pass these doors several times a day, and each time I’d stop for a moment and breathe in their beauty.

The day that I snapped this photo, these doors held particular significance for me, as something enormous had just been awakened and brought to the light.

Over the years following my own path, and facilitating healing sessions for others, I’ve discovered some fundamental patterns that rise up once we’ve committed to doing deep inner healing work.

Here are a few of those patterns for you to be aware of… so when we do work together, you’re ready to go deep.


From The Moment You’ve Booked Your Kinesiology Session

Once you’ve booked your kinesiology session, you’ve set the intention to work on your stuff. Not only have you set the intention, but you’ve made a commitment to self-responsibility and deep healing.

Which means that whatever you need to work on the most will be shown to you. This might mean that what you initially thought you’d be working on, was simply the catalyst to begin your healing.

From this moment onward, play the role of observer. Take a peak under the surface of your life. Adopt the gift of second sight.

Notice the patterns that naturally surface in your life that no longer feel right. Especially the old ones that you thought you’d dealt with.

You may be coming in for one reason, though you’ll soon find that everything is connected, and what may seem like a separate issue, has the same origin.

Notice the interactions you’re having. With yourself and with others.

Notice how you avoid or procrastinate.

How you minimise or label everything as fine.

How you expect the worst, when everything is going so well.

How you compromise your values and integrity for the sake of someone else’s wishes or beliefs.

How you diminish your creative gifts.

How your breathing has become shallow, and your life very structured and rigid.

Then come to your session with this awareness.

And not only with awareness, though notes of patterns that you’ve noticed in your life that have risen into your consciousness.

Within your session, I’ll also be asking you an important question: how do you want to feel?

Take some time to contemplate this.

Many don’t really know how they’d like to feel. Do you?

Go into introspection before we work together.

Know the true answer when I ask.


After Your Kinesiology Session

After you’ve received your Kinesiology balance, your internal environment will have shifted into alignment with how you want to feel in your life.

Your conscious awareness will be heightened, and there will be an opportunity for you to become more awake in your life.

Some of those old patterns will rise up, as opportunities for change. Choice points where you get to choose differently and re-route the course of your life.

Opportunities to respond, rather than re-act.

Opportunities to teach people how to treat you differently.

Old foundations need to be disturbed so that stronger foundations can be created. Foundations which support new paths and personal growth.

Stay in the role of the observer.

Take those opportunities.

Draw on your resilience and commitment to self. Sometime is won’t feel easy to choose differently, and other times it will.

If it feels difficult, it’s because you’re choosing the unfamiliar.

You’re shedding old skin, old ways of doing things. You’re experiencing a re-birth of sorts. And this can be uncomfortable.

Know that this uncomfortableness is only a temporary state.

At the end of your session, you and I will have spoken about a few practical things that you can do in the following days and weeks, so that you’re at the centre of your own healing.

Whilst I’m there to help, healing is most powerfully embodied when you’re an active participant.

Go on with the work that we’ve discussed. Don’t let the illusion of busy-ness distract you from your purpose. Shift your priorities.

This is a sneaky tricky pattern that often rises. It’s also one that is tempting to believe. Be smarter than that old pattern.

Stay awake in your life.

Make a devotional commitment to your growth. Your healing.

This is the work that is done by those who are alive in the life they’re living.

And we do the work, not because it is glamorous, or easy, but because of the gold that is found once the work has been done.

The gold of freedom and flight.

Be that person.

Much love and soul wellness,

Mel x

Mel Farrugia