Dear One, How Is Your Spirit Feeling?

Dear One, How Is Your Spirit Feeling?

How is your spirit feeling, dear one?

The other weekend, I saw my dad for the first time in about 4 months. He lives in Malta now (his homeland and my ancestral land), after listening to the call of his heart that had beckoned him back for over 30 years.

I’ve noticed a pattern of divine timing emerge when we meet again in person on the same soil. The roles we play for one another, and the insights he shares after spending time alone on another continent.

On the day we met, he asked; “how are you?” And I replied, “my spirit isn’t feeling so well dad.”

I know that he does not know what to say or how to be when I’m honest in ways like this, though in the end it never matters.

Over time, I’ve come to know that honest expression (in all areas of my life) is mostly for me, because becoming free in this way is one of my paths to power and liberation, and one of my greatest lessons in this life-time.

Hearing myself say these words aloud also helped me to know that it was time to go inward, to tend to my inner one.

I also know that once I’ve truly acknowledged my truth for myself, the magic of medicine unfolds, and I receive in unexpected ways.

As the morning unfolded, I received beautiful and unexpected medicine from my father.

We cuddled a lot (sometimes this is all a 38 year old woman and her inner little one really ever needs) and he revealed things about himself that he’d recognised about how he’s fathered.

It’s taken softening, slow healing over time, and courage on both parts to be able to be this way together.

As we walked and talked beside ocean waters, and weaved through and past market stalls, I began to laugh freely and fully from deep inside of me… This is when I knew I was receiving medicine, and my spirit was becoming nourished again.

Later that day, I returned home, and began my reflection… because the fire of my spirit was calling out to be restored.

This day was not the first time in the past weeks that I’ve known my spirit wasn’t feeling so well.

I had acknowledged, though had not tended to what was unfolding within.

I know now the difference between when my spirit feels vibrant and well, and when it feels weak and undernourished.

Dear one, do you know the difference between when your spirit is vibrant and well, and when it feels weak and undernourished?

And so I reflected on where I’d gone off course, where my priorities had become distorted, where I’d become complacent in my deep care of self, and also: where I needed to upgrade my care of my spirit.

Because as I continue to evolve and grow, so do the requirements of my personal care-taking of my spirit.

Does this feel true for you too, dear one?

This Winter has felt like one long dance within the void space, taken step by step by (sometimes deeply uncomfortable) step…

The vital vibrant vibration of my spirit is what I know will ultimately see me through my personal winter, and sustain me throughout my dance within the void space.

As I reflected, I realised I’d slowly minimised (and virtually stopped) doing the things that keep my spirit rich and my inner world alive. Other priorities crept in, and others fell away.

What keeps your inner world alive dear one?

And so I began again… Connecting deeply (and more often) with Mother Earth, making offerings, saying and singing prayers, connecting with her heartbeat, connecting with her breath.

I began singing for myself again, and slowly slowly, everything began to feel fuller and richer again.

At the end of days in service, I would come home and draw for myself, until my spirit felt fuller again, and ready to engage with those around me.

And I began writing again as an outpouring from my heart, as I am now, simply because it feels good for my spirit, and important to my soul…

What builds the fire of your spirit dear one?

Does your spirit need tending to now dear one?

Creativity, and connection from the heart, is medicine that soothes, awakens and wakes up the inspired one within you.

It stokes the fire of your spirit. Your aliveness.

Every single time.

Tend to your inner world dear one.

Make it rich again, and notice how you move out into the world differently, fuller, more honest and true to your spirit.

Sing your spirit up with acts of creativity for creations sake, without an ending in sight.

Become nourished by acts of connection. Touch your hands to Mother Earth and say “thank-you”.

Keep stoking your fire dear one, so you’re able to feel rich throughout your winter…

Much love and soul wellness,

Melissa x

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