About Alchemy Codes

About Alchemy Codes

Alchemy is the organic act of transformation.

 Alchemy Codes ® are activators of healing energy. 

When you allow Alchemy Codes to awaken within you,

transformation follows…

Alchemy Codes by Melissa Farrugia - Soul Wellness

Alchemy Codes ® activate consciousness of the universal heart, and awakens the remembering of feminine wisdom for all.

Each code is an activator of energy, which calls in soul medicine and wakes dormant wisdom within the existing blueprint of your body, within your DNA matrix.

Each Alchemy Code ® holds a unique healing vibration, and once activated within the body (through a guided process) alchemises and transforms outdated patterns and imprints. As the codes activate, it is possible to hear the sound vibration of the code itself, plus see and sense healing colour vibration.


My Process Channeling Alchemy Codes ®

I began intuitively hand drawing Alchemy Codes in July 2014, not intellectually knowing what they were, though feeling strongly compelled to draw them.

At the very beginning, the codes drew themselves. I would sit with pen in hand, and go into ‘mindless space’ and be guided on what to draw. A line here, a circle there, and so on…

Eventually, I began seeing codes when I closed my eyes, or within Kinesiology healing sessions.

Over the course of the following two years, through developing my relationship with the codes and working with them myself, I came to understand the healing and activation capacity of the codes.

Throughout the drawing and essence creation process, I channel information about each Alchemy Code ®: what they help heal, and what new consciousness they help to embody.

Communion Alchemy Code

Each code also holds the full spectrum of colour within it’s black and white appearance.

There are presently 26 Alchemy Codes in the healing range, in both visual and essence form.

I work with these codes during 1:1 Soul Wellness Shamanic Kinesiology + Luminescence sessions.

When received by your body, and engaged with consciously, Alchemy Codes support you by alchemising old patterns of energy and healing emotional wounding.


Soul Alchemy Activation Sessions are available now.

Your Soul Alchemy session is the beginning point to receive your personal Soul Alchemy Code: a high vibration activator of energy, which awakens the qualities and soul gifts that are ready to be embodied by you, right now, at this time on Mother Earth.

For more information about this service, click here.

Much love and soul wellness,

Melissa xx