Post Healing Support

Post Healing Support

After you’ve received your Shamanic Kinesiology balance, there’s quite a lot going on under the surface as your body integrates the healing that has unfolded during your session. 

Your experience after your balance will be unique to you, and so it’s important to support yourself during the period of integration. 

Certain shifts might be quite obvious to you (like instant shifts in perception, inspiration, clarity, a boost in confidence & self-esteem) and at other times, the effects of the balance will be more subtle.

For more information and support, click the link below to download a PDF guide.

What to expect after your Shamanic Kinesiology Session


So, where to from here?

The reality is, there is only so much that we can do together in an hour or so, and once your innate healing abilities have been stimulated (the entire premise of Kinesiology), there’s a whole lot more you can do for yourself to ensure that your heath, vibrancy and all round growth, flourishes.


How To Support Yourself After Your Healing

Follow up with yourself. At the end of your session (or throughout) I will have provided a specific self-development focus – so start on this asap. By doing this, you are flowing with the momentum that has been created in your balance, making it easier for you to clear out those old patterns and ways of being. You will be amazed at how different you will feel, and live, once you begin to do these simple things for yourself.


Honour your body. If you feel like sleeping, taking time out, exercising (or anything else) after your session – do it! Especially if these actions and urges are positively aligned with what you have been working on. And take care to be gentle with yourself.


Don’t fight the change. Sometimes it can feel a little daunting being in the world, in a way you have only ever dreamed of being… Get to know this new and improved version of you, and allow the natural transition of change to occur – sometimes, this will take courage, but I guarantee it will be worth it.


Drink plenty of water & nourish yourself. This is a simple tip, though often times forgotten. By drinking water, you are supporting your body in a physical way, flushing away toxins & stress build up from your body.


Overall, remain committed to you and take responsibility for your way of being in the world. Conscious  devotion now will go a long long way towards your overall health and wellness later.