Healers Don’t Heal You. This Is What We Do Instead.

Healers Don’t Heal You. This Is What We Do Instead.

Healers leadI’ve been dabbling with this post for many months now. Waiting for the right time to complete and publish it.

There’s a lot to be said for timing.

Though first, a story…

I woke this morning, cracked open my eyes and very quickly wished I would fall asleep again.

My heart is breaking. For all the endings, all the loss, and all the uncertainty.

I rolled out of bed anyway, and felt the stirring of smoke and fire within me.

Very gently. Like a ceremonial flame. Lit, though not blazing.

Then a message from spirit, audibly and visually… “lets get to work.”

First, a visit to mama ocean, where I walked her shoreline in the freezing cold air, received my soul medicine… and realised, “I’m different.”

In amongst the depths of my grief, I know I’m moving through it differently.

There’s a deep unshakable sense of trust in life that has not been there before.

In the past, I’d hoped for unshakable trust, and instead found all the areas I still was not willing to trust life. This is where much of my work has been focused recently.

There was a ‘clinging faith’, where I would repeat the messages of my heart to my mind, and hope like crazy they were actually true.

Now, I know they are. My cells are buzzing with trust.

The process of embodying these changes is not for the faint hearted.

Courage is required, because you’re learning a new way of being. It’s a process of conscious action and choice, one moment at a time.

It’s not until you’re faced with real life challenge, that you’re able to see where you have grown. How you respond differently to the last time, is a sign of your growth.

And whilst I’m infinitely grateful for the fierce love and support of the healers who have guided my way, especially in the last two years, I did the work.

If I had not, I’d be responding or reacting, the same way I always had.

Upon returning from the ocean, I knew it was time to write this post.

This was the first line I was guided to write.

“We are infinitely human.”

We, being the healers of this world.

We are not immune to challenge or struggle, and our hearts bleed and break.

We face questions around our own value, our own worth, our own voice, our own trust, our own faith.

And then work to resolve those wounds.

Along the way, we learn how to hold space for ourselves too.

When you’re ready to, and you reach out for support, we share with you the practices and perspectives we cultivated and embodied to catalyse healing change.

You choose the healer you work with, based on what support you’re seeking and the resonance you feel.

We teach you how to connect with your own innate healing energy. When you learn to tune into it, trust it, and create a relationship with your internal healer, healing happens. You change. You become more whole. In both subtle and profound ways.

You heal yourself. Healers do not heal you.

We meet you where you are along your path, then teach and support you in cultivating your own strength and power.

We lead, not through philosophical teachings, though through embodied practice.

By doing our own work, we are able to see, sense and intuit what healing needs to be done.

What needs to be seen, acknowledged, accepted, shed, birthed, celebrated, by you.

And still, practitioners of the healing arts do not heal you.

We guide you. We hold you. We support you.

You, ultimately, cultivate your personal connection to your body, your heart, your spirit, your soul, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and all the elements in the spiritual realms that support you in your healing.

You allow the healing. You choose healing.

We show up to guide your growth path. We do not walk it for you.

Your healing is an act of Devotion.

And of self-responsibility.

Much love and soul wellness,

Melissa xx

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