One of the greatest strengths we have is adaptability.

One of the greatest strengths we have is adaptability.

One of the greatest strengths we have as human beings is adaptability.

This strength allows each of us to innovate, evolve, grow, refine and simplify.

As we adapt, we experience ourselves from a clearer place, and show up in life through action to do life differently, in more aligned ways.

To know what is aligned, we must know what we value.

The clearer we (as individuals) become on this point, the more empowered each life becomes.

We become effectors of conscious change, and make the most of the wave that is rolling through.

We choose to meet what is arising, in the present moment.

As each individual life becomes more empowered, so does the collective human community.

As the old falls away, the new births into life.

This is a glimpse into the power of adaptability. 

During these times of heightened change, harness this power you innately have.

Choose consciously how you will adapt now, as you create new life.

Remember, we were all made for these times.

And you are the one you’ve been waiting for.

Will you rise?

How will you effect these times?

How will you embrace change on a personal level?

Professionally, I’m feeling a deepened call to share more in my workspace, which I’ll do here on this platform, and within on-line programs.

Personally, now is the time to create a more self-sufficient home, and deepen into the wisdom of ancestral recipes for life.

As I deepen, I grow more respectful of this present moment in time, and of the creation and birthing this moment affords.

Much love,

Melissa x

If you’re feeling called… let’s work together beautiful heart.

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