The value of perspective.

The value of perspective.


In each moment, there are multiple truth’s playing out. 

Knowing this provides choice.

And choice is a powerful thing… because it allows you to acquire personal power by re-writing the stories and perspectives of your past.

No longer is your personal energy feeding the old charge, instead, it’s invested in creating new liberating loving experiences.

For me, this is the ultimate freedom.

The other week I arrived home and was given one such opportunity.

When I walked through the door, it felt like walking into a vortex of time past, and I was confused by the layers I saw because it didn’t match my experiences up until that point.

Confusion to me is now an alert to ‘distortion’.

Feeling like I’m walking into a vortex of another time is also another alert.

Distortion to me is like a glitch or fuzziness in the picture.

Like seeing through an old lens, where old wounding or trauma may be showing a picture of the past, to resolve in the present moment.

And like ‘knowing’ (gnosis) there’s something more going on, though you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Once I recognised the distortion, I turned the focus on myself, which allowed me to soothe my inner one.

I reminded her of what I knew for certain…

Everything and nothing is real. Only what resonates deeply in my body and heart as love is Truth.

What I was being shown, is a pattern I recognised from my childhood. It showed up at that time for absolute resolution so I can experience ‘home’ and relationships within the home dynamic (which has been a core focus of my evolution and transformation over the past five years), as the free being that I am, in more and more expansive ways.

Once the distortion was resolved and wounding had been addressed, I was able to see clearly, shifting my vibration and becoming more empowered in the process.

This is the point of healing – transforming trauma.

Not to continue living it, or using it as validation.

It’s to transform and grow more alive.

Each of us becomes more liberated and free in the process.

And this is a very good thing indeed.

This is the dance of being present to yourself, to what is emerging within you, loving and soothing your inner one, and encouraging that inner one to let go and transform.

With you as your greatest ally, your inner one feels safe enough to transform.

Depending on your vibration, you’ll perceive and experience life (and your interactions with others) differently.

You’ll come to know this is a choice available to you at all times, particularly as you mature into Second Adulthood.

You’ll move through life more easefully and develop personal-power as a result.

How will you set yourself free?

Come play on the other side…

Much love and Soul Wellness,

Melissa x