Prayer + Understanding… All Elements Work Together.

Prayer + Understanding… All Elements Work Together.

All indigenous cultures have wheels depicting the cycle of life.

These wheels are maps to our inner elements, and the elements that exist in our environment.

The Creation Cycle is from Traditional Chinese Medicine and follows;

Fire feeds Earth,

Earth feeds Metal (and minerals),

Metal feeds Water,

Water feeds Wood,

Wood feeds Fire…

And so the Creation Cycle continues, with Air/Ether and Spirit presiding over all.

This becomes a map for the dance of the elements, within and without.

When there is an imbalance (particularly an extreme one) the Destruction cycle kicks in with elements coming in to block and course correct the element in it’s extreme.

This happens within our bodies, our inner environment, and in the external environment of the natural world.

Water comes in to dowse and counteract Fire…though what happens when Water is in the extreme?

Another pattern of imbalance manifests…

All elements moving in harmony, working together in union, is ultimately the way of creation and will shift the current reality many of us are experiencing.

I believe we all have a personal responsibility to contribute to this new reality and a personal responsibility to wake up and respond to what has been created.

As we send out prayers to the Natural Elements + Great Spirit/Universe (insert preferred word here) to restore and heal Mother Earth + All Life that exists, hold the intention of harmony, unity, peace and love.

The energy that fuels your prayers matters greatly.

The smoke that is billowing up and across much of the land, amplifies and carries your prayers, intention/focused attention and energy.


For those outside of devastation zones…

If you feel you’re surrogating collective worry, grief, pain, anger and suffering, come back to your personal vibration.

Ask; is this all mine?

You’ll feel your vibration shift and clear if you’re surrogating.

Choose to hold the vibration of support, compassion and love, and do what you can from a place of care.

You’ll feel more empowered (and we become more empowered as a collective) as a result.

You’ll be able to help in more powerful ways that align with your spirit too, because we all have different jobs to do.

Jumping into the collective pit and surrogating pain (consciously or otherwise), keeps the vibration of suffering in place, and I believe we need a collective alternate vibration right now.

This is the way forward.

Much love and soul wellness,

Melissa x