The Humbling: The Moment You Realise You Really Do Create Your Reality.

The Humbling: The Moment You Realise You Really Do Create Your Reality.

The humbling

The humbling.

The moment you realise you really do create your reality.

The moment you realise you’re not as far along your path as you thought you were.

The moment you realise your ego may have created a story that was not true.

Thank you ego, for showing me a wound that needs to be healed.

The humbling feels like you’ve tumbled, not so gracefully, off your pedestal.

Your ego feels bruised.

Your heart feels raw.

Yet here you are: simultaneously elevated in consciousness where you’re able to see what you create in your life, and humbled and grounded enough to change course.

This humbling is a turning point.

A softening into truth.

A flip in perception, and a portal into power.

A call to deepen into the qualities you desire to embody.

Another step into self-responsibility.

What would love do instead?

How would you move through your life differently if you were more grounded, humble and present in your life?

With the pain rising in your body?

The ache in your heart?

Deciphering these cues is communion.

And the humbling is where you find your wisdom.

It’s where you’re able to self-heal, yet another layer of dis-comfort, through honest and direct reflection and introspection.

Where you move into your heart.

Where you move into your sovereign self.

The humbling is where you’re able to set yourself free.


A Self-Support Practice For Those Humbling Moments

Or for averting the course of drama and pain, when your mind is perpetuating a fear based story.

Come into your body.

Place one palm over the front of your Heart space (at the center of your chest).

Place the other palm over the back of your Solar Plexus (at the middle of your back)


Soften into the support of your body. 

Invite your emotions to flow, your ego to soften and your heart to heal. 

Keep breathing.

Drop deeper into your body. 

Wait for the softening. The quiet. The clarity of truth. The wellspring of emotion.

Continue breathing, connecting, healing, for as long as you need to.

Yours in soul wellness,

Melissa xx

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