The Return to Your True Nature. A Personal Evolution.

The Return to Your True Nature. A Personal Evolution.


The actuality of self-evolution and awakening to your True Nature is, and has always been, a truly personal journey.

Each moment unique unto itself, shaping the course of personal growth and evolution in a non-linear, spherical way.

Sometimes our minds are capable of knowing what is happening in the moment. Other times, there is total and full trust in the pulse and call of the heart. Later, a conscious understanding becomes available through reflection, experience, and time.

For the past 16 years I’ve been traversing my own inner wilderness to come home to my own True Nature. And I’ve ebbed in and out of circles of others doing the same.

Personally speaking, there is no other experience more liberating than the one of returning to, and claiming, my inherent and enduring True Nature.

My first experience of awakening (a.k.a: my first major life re-write) began in a hospital bed, after having fibroids removed, spun out mentally, and wondering what had just happened. Life was never the same from this moment on.

The stand-out gifts of this moment (there is always at least one):

Feeling my body for the first time, and

Being in absolute awe of how my body was able to heal so rapidly. So freaking clever.

It was also a claiming of (and the beginnings of coming home to) my womb – the seat of my feminine power – after sudden external pressure to have my womb removed arose, and I stood my ground and said no.

These moments also led to my first inklings of this thing called ‘kinesiology‘… but first I needed to travel. And Canada called my spirit.

Six months or so later I was living in North Vancouver, where I worked on Grouse Mountain. I began working at the base of the mountain, and eventually as a part of the education program, closer to the top of the mountain.

Symbolic in so many ways, because I’ve come to know…

We all begin at the base, our foundations, and work our way up in a spherical spiral motion. A continuous cycle of returning to the base, working our way through and up, building skills and qualities to evolve our spirit and a greater sense of True Self and True Nature.

Every new adventure, and every initiation into transformation must begin at the foundations of who you are, otherwise lasting and sustainable transformation is not possible. It is at the core of who we are where real evolution happens.


My First Experience of Shamanic Practices.

It was here, on the mountain, where I had my first experience of shamanic practices.

Part of my job was to guide school children up and around the mountain, strapped in snowshoes, surrounded by forests of Douglas Fir, eventually arriving at the First Nations hut.

Here, Squamish Elder “Willie” William “Kwel-A-A-Nexw” Nahanee would share stories, and taught us all how to dance in the spirit of the guardians of their medicine wheel. The intent: joy, play, togetherness, awakening, and remembering… so we may walk and fly with the spirit of their medicine, and our own.

These moments were the beginnings of my return to my True Nature, supported by sacred and synchronised weavings of spirit. I consider Willie to be my first authentic teacher of the way and path of the True Heart. Always humble, honest, vibrant, generous, authentic, and equally human as elder and custodian of sacred wisdoms.

As I’ve continued on, I’ve learned there is no one right path for everyone. And we cannot provide exact and identical maps for each other to follow. The True map must come from within, as it is encoded within the heart.

Wise guidance & support is vital, as is sharing practices that have stood up to the test of real-life to create transformation. This is the act of walking each other home.

Each of us has a unique spirit that is called to different experiences, teachers, and practices, as ‘keys’ to unlock the mysteries of life and soul within us.

And we go to holy places: mountains, rivers, oceans, temples of all kinds, to find something we’re seeking, to reflect back to us a Truth hidden within. A felt sense of our own personal holyness – or wholeness.

When we meet these places, experiences, and teachers with the intention of awakening to ourselves – rather than emulating and adopting the path we see as theirs – doors of inner awakening ultimately open. And we are able to reflect Truth to one another.

This awakening to the unique heart within you, this coming home, over and over again, is the gift of summoning the courage it takes to leap into the unknown.

The gift of making the choice to trust the pulse of what calls to us from within is finding intimacy with self, where True Love lives.

Each of our journeys begins differently, though there are some common denominators when traversing the inner path home to your True Nature.


Hallmarks of Awakening

  • There will be a rising sense of domestication or dormancy.
  • A sense that the life you are living may not actually be the one for you anymore. You may have outgrown it, or it was never Truly for you.
  • A feeling or sense of stagnation. Life is no longer spirit fuelled or inspired, in the truest sense of the word.
  • You begin to question life and self in ways you didn’t before.
  • There’s a call towards wilderness and wildness, and a more honest way of living, that aligns with your authentic nature. Even if you can’t name exactly what it is yet.
  • There will be a call or a longing for something that feels familiar, yet also foreign. The call is persistent and grows louder and stronger with time.
  • You become curious about the unknown, the sacred mysteries of life, and what is on the ‘other side’ of where you currently stand.

These stirrings are indicative of the moments before awakening, growth, and broadening consciousness.

These are the taps of your inner-wise-self saying…

“now’s the time, let’s grow”

… as the winds of your spirit, motivated by your soul, begin to move and grow stronger within you.

When we reflect on our life experiences – with an eye on the gold we have cultivated and alchemised through the choices we’ve made, and the leaps we’ve taken – we claim the value of our life experiences, which spurs us on towards the next soul-aligned adventure of life.

So when it is time to awaken again (for there is no end), you are armed with a deep sense of knowing you have the fundamentals within you to take the leap, and journey the ride, wherever your heart may take you.

What is your story? 

What is your gold?



Beautiful heart,

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Melissa Farrugia is a Holistic Kinesiologist & Shamanic Practitioner who works with clients globally online from her home base in Melbourne, Australia. Combining formal training with a keen sense of intuition and life experience, Melissa supports self-responsible souls who are ready to expand into a more empowered way of living.