A True Story About Ever Present Magic.

A True Story About Ever Present Magic.

A few days ago I took a wander down a path I’d not walked along before.

I had an hour between shamanic kinesiology healing sessions, and a new friend suggested… “why don’t you take a walk along the canal? It’s grounding, supportive, and there’s so much nature there…”

As I walked, I noticed birds in the distance.

Two White Cockatoos on the path ahead.

As I got closer to the birds, I noticed many feathers on the grass beside them.

I collected a few that called out, felt into their medicine for me, and began the return walk in preparation for the next healing session.

As I stepped off the path at the canal, and back onto the footpath, a beautiful white butterfly fluttered across me. Butterflies… one of the constant supports that have been greeting me from the natural world this year.

I dropped into healer/facilitator mode, and as the session unfolded, I began spontaneously singing up song codes to facilitate her healing.

When I closed my eyes, I saw her energy field filling with the vibration of soft white feathers… Witnessing this deep magic and co-creative healing was so beautiful and humbling to be a part of.

At the very end of the session, I shared what I’d seen, and she instantly smiled and said: “I’ve been seeing white feathers everywhere…”

I publicly shared parts of this story a little while ago, and someone asked me “who received the message and healing then?” and the answer is; we both did.

In me wandering the path, I received the medicine I needed.

And in the healing session, the beautiful woman who chose to grow through this work, received the medicine she needed.

This is the dance of life.

The connection we all share, at all times.

Medicine and magic weaving for us all.


A Note on Cockatoo Medicine and Communing with Nature Spirits

The medicine of White Cockatoos is varied, though most resources will tell you they represent “the heralding of a new time/dawn”.

In my experience, each bird carries their own medicine, just as each of us carry own unique medicine.

If you ever happen upon these birds, or any other element in nature that you feel drawn to, and are unfamiliar with communing with nature spirits, this is what I suggest, based on my own experience developing this ability.

Be open. Nature responds to openness.

Take your time.

Quiet your mind as best you can, and surrender (as best you can) any limiting beliefs and judgements.

Breathe, and allow yourself to become still.

Become humble and grounded to Mother Earth.

Have fun and be curious about what you might discover.

When you feel present, ask for the message to be transmitted.

You may receive your medicine message via a thought, feeling, vision… often through your most developed sense. So, if you’re a natural writer, you may also like to channel the message through writing.

Know this is a practice, so continue to show up and you’ll find your ability to commune with nature will  open up.


Much love and soul wellness,

Melissa xx

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