Walking as Medicine for Life

Walking as Medicine for Life

Quite a few years ago, I began walking in deep nature.

As I began, I realised why my body had begun to call me so strongly in the direction of wildness.

Walking became a way to ‘walk into’ my True self, and a way to ‘walk out of’ the conditioning I had accumulated.

As I walked, the buildup of dross in and around my body was cleansed (personal thoughts, the noise of others influence, condensed and suppressed feelings, beliefs, embodied trauma, identity attachment…) – and I became lighter, stronger and clarified as a result.

Each time I went out, being in nature brought me closer to my own True nature, and it became the stronger and more alive presence, within me.

I began to live more authentically in all areas of my life as a result, and the personas that I’d learned to adopt based on the environments I was in, or the expectations of others within those environments, began to fall away.

The conditioning of my life continued to unravel, and more of my being self emerged.

This remains one of my greatest areas of personal growth.

One of the greatest treasures of freedom I’ve discovered.

I continue to walk now, for many reasons: adventure, discovery, connection with myself and my love, as medicine, to grow the strength of my spirit, for creativity and creation, spontaneity, magic, grounding, clarity, remembering, blossoming my love and delight for life (all personal core values)…

And as a mirror.

How I’m walking at any given moment will reflect how I’m walking through my daily life, where my focus is, where my boundaries are, and how far I’m willing to go…

Within the reflections of self-knowledge I receive back, I’m able to course correct, refine, keep going, find value and celebrate…

Step, by step, by step.

In the present moment.

Where all of life thrives. 


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Much love and soul wellness,

Melissa x