Devotion Initiation Journey

Devotion Initiation Journey


A Sacred Invitation to Birth Your Most Powerful Self


In every woman’s life there comes a moment in time, where the call to deepen and rise by the pulse of ones true nature, becomes strong.

The subtle whisper grows into a resounding call. This moment is the call of ones soul into initiation, to truely know, birth and live as the unlimited self ready to emerge now. The call prompts you to become more than you know yourself to be, crossing the threshold of one cycle of being woman, into a more empowered, authentic and liberated one.

In Devotion you step in, to discover and recover the hidden parts of yourself, meeting yourself in the present moment where authentic power and beauty is able to birth through you.  


This is your invitation to step into Devotion

The Devotion Initiation Journey is for all women who feel a deep and sacred ambition to grow as sovereign leaders of their own life in the Truest sense. Within Devotion, you’re offered a space to explore your dynamic True Nature, led, guided and supported by me; a woman who knows what it means to walk the path of continuous Devotion.  


If you currently find yourself

  • Feeling stifled, limited, and domesticated.
  • Living on the surface of life, with a deep desire for more.
  • Pulled into roles you’re expected to play, whilst cringing on the inside.
  • Supporting the dreams (and dramas) of others instead of investing in your own desires.
  • Believing your ideal life will transpire when the right moment comes along, or destiny intervenes…

This invitation into Devotion is for you. 

Are you feeling the call?  


What To Anticipate

The Devotion Initiation Journey is a 1:1 supported transformational journey, over three, six, nine or 12 months. Through a combination of inner-world Holistic Kinesiology & Shamanic Practices, intuitive teaching, way-showing and co-creation, anticipate:

  • Increased clarity and confidence in your ability to govern your own life
  • Embodied courage to walk the path of your True heart, with enduring devotion
  • Freedom from the voices of others than stifle your light
  • The growing light of your own radiant spirit, as you develop your inherent power and beauty.
  • Coming home to self. In a state of Devotion, attachments and false ideas and ideals fall away. The less you hold, the more you’re able to be.
  • Deep self love. There is absolutely no feeling quite like deeply embedded fierce self love.
  • Inherent self ally-ship. The moment where your experience of life absolutely changes.


Those Who Have Journeyed Before You

The Devotion Initiation Journey is a path travelled by many before you, which maintains and grows in value over time. Others who have journeyed and embodied Devotion have gone on to create a life of depth through courage, heart, self-ownership, exploration and joy.  


The Devotion Initiation Journey was life changing for me. It offered the most safe, sacred space for self-reflection, and the inner work required to begin to release old patterns and outdated beliefs, develop self-accountability, and step into living a more awakened, soul aligned life. I had initial hesitation, not knowing what to expect of the journey and myself within it. Having Melissa’s wisdom, generosity and spirit guide me in this work, has been invaluable. The work continues to inform my life in unexpected ways – it really is the gift that keeps on giving! If you are seeking a deeper knowing of yourself, and want to live in a more soul aligned way, I cannot think of a more sacred, supportive way to undertake this work than through the Devotion Initiation Journey with Melissa as your guide.

– Lucy Holland, QLD, Australia  


Doing this Devotion Initiation Journey completely changed how I saw the situation I was in, and guided me to a place of personal power. In the end I gained the self responsibility to walk away from a toxic situation, and a year later, dealing with different challenges, I’m still blown away by the work we did and how it continues to influence me. My deepest thank you to Melissa. I HIGHLY recommend this journey

– Karen Leskiw  


In beginning the Devotion Initiation Journey, I already knew what I could expect from Melissa, but what I wasn’t anticipating was a deeper understanding of what I could expect from myself. The very act of committing created shifts in recognising self-worth, in enhancing self-love and in reinforcing a quest for self-knowledge. I commence the journey with a sense of awe and wonder at the metamorphosis about to begin…

– Naomi Carter  


If you’re ready to begin your Devotion Initiation Journey, book a complimentary conversation to get started.  


Birth Beauty & Develop Authentic Power

During Devotion, you’ll lean into regenerative practices that include;

  • Communion with your body
  • Developing your intuitive senses and instinctual nature
  • Reconnecting with and building trust in your abundantly wise heart
  • Shadow and underworld journeying
  • Evolving and integrating the sacred feminine wisdom within
  • Reconciling and strengthening the sacred masculine energies within you
  • Recovering and amplifying self-worth, authentic healthful power, and inherent self-value
  • Cultivating your soul fire. This is your creation energy, the spark of life and light within you. This is especially potent if you’ve diluted yourself over time by giving your power away, and desire to become more than you currently allow yourself to be.


If you are wanting to dive deeper into your soul self, your spiritual truths, and to direct yourself forward, then the Devotion Initiation Journey is a perfect experience to assist you in achieving this.

– Leanne Winder  


I was able to work through some really confronting changes for me in my life. I now have a greater understanding of myself, my relationships have shifted, improved and strengthened. My boundaries are becoming clearer and I am able to see more clearly where I need to do more self work. I believe that my pregnancy journey from maiden to mama would have been a lot harder without the work that we did. I am so grateful for this.

– Brooke Veltjens.  


Devotion has been life changing.  I’ve learned about Love, living from my heart, compassion, working at my soul pace, the power of my womb. I hear me…

–  Jos Middleton.   


Imagine for a moment.

How would you like to feel?

Who would you like to become?

From my heart to yours, I invite you to join me for Devotion.


Framework For Devotion + Journey Options

Devotion Initiation Journey is facilitated online, over three, six, or 12 months. You choose the length of support appropriate for you.

We’ll meet for one hour every fortnight, and deep dive into Devotion via the qualities of deep listening, curiosity, communion and clear sight.

Together we do the body work & the energy work, shifting and clearing stagnant stories, beliefs, and identities. Each session aligning you to your highest, healthiest true nature, the essence of your soul, so you may live your life alive.

On alternate weeks, you’re supported via voice note ‘check-in’ to ensure you remain on-track with your intentions, goals and integration practices.  

To gain the full benefits of your journey, you’re required to invest personal time integrating the seeds of your sessions. Due to the sacredness of the work, more detailed information is provided for your personal growth and development, once you’ve chosen to fully step into your Devotion Initiation Journey.  


Investment Details

Your guided 1:1 Devotion Initiation Journey begins at $2,400.00 AUD  for three months of Devotion.

Monthly & fortnightly payment options are available. Let’s discuss during your complimentary conversation.  


Begin Your Devotion Initiation Journey

  1. Book a 15 minute complimentary conversation to connect, create understanding with one another, and ensure right-alignment before embarking on the Devotion journey ahead.
  2. Due to the sacred and transformative power of this work, you’re required to agree to the ‘Devotion Agreement of Right Relationship’, provided after we’ve connected and agreed to move forward into Devotion.
  3. One months non-refundable payment (payable via PayPal or Direct Transfer) confirms the beginning of your guided Devotion Initiation Journey.


I look forward to guiding you along your path of self-Devotion.

Much love and embodied soul wellness,