Lightning Clarity

Lightning Clarity

Lightning Clarity is a complementary service for those new to co-creating together: as guide/teacher, and initiate/recipient, via Soul Wellness services.

For clarity, this is not a healing session, or an opportunity to offload dialogue to feel a release for the scenario you find yourself in (a.k.a. emotional dumping) and feel better afterwards.

Lightning Clarity is an opportunity to self-reference that you’re genuinely willing to step into a space of greater self-responsibility, self-devotion, and self-liberation.

It’s also an opportunity to resonance check that we’re compatible. I believe there is a guide for everyone, though not every guide is for everyone. And vice versa.

Hence, lightening clarity.

During our time together, I also invite you to ask questions about the Soul Wellness services that most resonate with you.

Often your intuition already knows your path of greatest growth. However, your mind may require more clarity, for your whole self to align with the journey ahead.


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