For thousands of years, women across all cultures and lineages would come together in community to weave.

They would share stories, dreams, wishes, visions for improved reality, solve challenges, and unlock new life through connection, common intent, and shared experience.

Their stories, wishes, and dreaming would continue to echo across time and space, their weavings acting as record keepers and holders of intent.

To this day, weaving remains an act of magical conscious creation, that connects and embraces the directions of all of life.

My intention for Women Are Weavers is to create a space where your innate wisdom is awakened, and your ability to weave (in all ways) becomes an integral part of how you create life.

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Soothe Your Inner One is a five-week live online course, where you’re invited to tend to your inner foundations.

Over five weeks I’ll focus on sharing empowering tools that are simple to implement and integrate into your everyday life, whilst being gentle, powerful, and transformational in how you perceive yourself and the world you live in and create.

These techniques help neutralise fear based, conditioned, and reactive responses, bringing you into an aligned, centred, and embodied sensory state – where choice becomes available to you.

The work contained in this course has the potential to activate a paradigm shift from survival living to creation living, unveiling the unlimited self who can fly.


When a woman feels safe within herself and her body, she is able to naturally access and unlock her own exquisite beauty, and recognise it reflected in the world she is a part of and co-creates.

Inner safety and in turn, authentic personal power and genuine sovereignty, is essentially the cornerstone and crux of this course.

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