Creative Alchemy F.A.Q’s

Creative Alchemy F.A.Q’s

Creative Alchemy F.A.Q’s


Is there a payment plan? 

Yes. Upon booking you have the option to pay in full, pay x 2, or pay in 4 via PayPal only.

It’s super important to be aligned with the investment amount of Creative Alchemy, and know you’re able to easily invest in the course, regardless of which payment option you choose.

Financial strain and chaos drains creative energy, and this course is all about building and boosting your creative inner well.

Similarly, my attention is focused on creating the most potent and beautiful experience for you within this course. If you choose a payment plan, know it’s automated, so my attention remains on creating, not diverted by following up payments.


Is there a social /online community of fellow Creative Alchemists? 

At this stage, I’m playing with the idea. I’m open to this evolving, based on the intuitive needs of the community, and what is in greatest alignment for those that gather.


Will there be recordings of the Live sessions?

Likely not. As I’ve done in the past, with other bodies of work, I may choose to record certain portions of my transmissions and guidance, for the benefit of integration within the group. Participant shares, contributions and shamanic journeys will not be recorded.


I’d love to come but I can’t commit to six weeks. Can I come casually, or do you have dates for future courses?

This is an all encompassing journey into creative alchemy, which requires your devotion, to midwife this part of yourself into life.

By choosing to adjust this limiting perspective about what you can commit to  – you’ll likely be surprised and delighted at what you discover about yourself when you do.

And, I hope you do. It’s a fabulous transformational experience when you commit to the birthing and becoming of yourself.

As for future dates… At this stage, the current dates are the only ones that have landed. I’m pretty intuitive about when I facilitate bodies of work, so will wait for the clarity before publishing the next ones.


Do I have to feel creative to begin Creative Alchemy?

Only a willingness to awaken your inherent creativity is required to travel well and expand within this container.


Why is there only an outline provided for Creative Alchemy, and no week by week specifics?

This is to honour the creative alchemy that will surely flow and grow and shift throughout the six weeks, also dependant on each unique person who shows up to receive within this course.

Experience has taught me to have a solid core intent, which Creative Alchemy has, and to remain in reverence to the sacred mystery of life, and the alchemical container that is created.

In this way, precisely what is aligned to flow, does.


Why is Creative Alchemy online? 

I love creating global webs of life, light, creativity, transformation and growth.

My soul is also an adventuring one. I live a location independent life, which means I am able to live my personal heart path, and show up in Soul Wellness authentically.

All of this is possible through the unique connections of the online world.

Each container I facilitate holds a unique frequency threaded within the experience that activates the precise medicine required for those who feel resonant to co-create together, globally.


For more information or ask other questions, get in touch: [email protected]

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In soul wellness,

Melissa x