Creative Alchemy

Creative Alchemy

Creative Alchemy

A six week immersion, intuitively designed to awaken, activate, foster and blossom your inherent creative alchemical nature.


Creativity is inherent to the human nature, spirit, and soul. It is not a role, identity or outfit. Creativity is literally life-force, pouring forward from within, devoted to the creation of life itself. Expressed, moment by moment, breath by breath.

Our trillions of cells that power every conscious and unconscious process is fueled literally by the energy of creation. How we spend our days is an act of creation. Inspired thought is an act of creativity, as is the follow through of aligned activity.

Once we embody our creative essence, remembering who we Truly are, life comes alive. The Truth of ‘creation for creations sake’ akin to the breath of life itself, becomes activated.

Each life moment becomes infused with creative alchemy, and by virtue of it, comes increasingly alive. This is usually the first happening. Curiosity, wonder and inspiration builds, new ideas for life and love and your purpose, begin to swirl.

The alchemical adventure of your wondrous life enhances, because you’ve built your creative well from within, and have the passion, drive, desire, and spirit force, to live your visions and dreams.

Fostering reconnection with your inner creative one, your authentic essence builds and pours through you, oh so naturally, through the cycles of your life, ushering in each cycle in perfect harmony and alignment.

This experience is the core intent and outcome infused within the templates of Creative Alchemy.


Is Creative Alchemy For You?

If you consider yourself a creative visionary, or, resonate with the words creative visionary (though don’t have a current connection) – the essence of Creative Alchemy is specifically for you.

If you’re familiar with energy centres, this work most strongly activates your Sacral, Throat and Heart, Solar Plexus energy centres/chakras, however encompasses your whole self as a creative being.

If you resonate with shamanic alchemical practices, inner world journeying, deep discovery, reclamation of self/soul-retrieval, self-presence and self-recognition though the eyes of love, Creative Alchemy is also for you.

Most of all, a genuine willingness and openness to discover your authentic creative alchemy will serve you well within this course.


To be clear…

Creativity is nature. Not limited to specific roles or activities.

The creation cycle is core to ancient and present wisdoms.

If you breathe, you’re a creative being.


Creative Alchemy, is the process of creating life, in some way, from your heart, moved by your soul.

If you desire to awaken, strengthen, and grow this essential part of your True Nature…

If you know deep within yourself, how important it is to carve out hours of your life to nurture your creative soul,  Creative Alchemy is for you.


What To Anticipate

I’ve just lived a cycle of Creative Alchemy.

My experiences included:

  • A grounded sense of new life-force
  • Ideas to flourish my life personally, and here within Soul Wellness. Creative Alchemy is one of these ideas that effortlessly flowed though, within hours. Essentially because my creative channel was open and primed to receive soul aligned ideas.
  • Naturally my levels of joy have increased and stabilised. As a result, so did my ability to give and receive love, and focus on my own business of life creation.
  • Naturally, I fell deeper in love with earthly life. All the physical, tangible things I can do, that I literally cannot do anywhere else but here, in this life, upon Mother Earth. Simple things, like putting on pants or sitting on my front porch step, became both sacred and deeply joyful. Appreciation has soared.
  • I’ve also noticed those around me are completely in their experience of life and I am in mine, whilst we weave and dance this life together. My creative alchemical frequency so stable, I am not adjusting to the frequencies and emotions around me. I am literally living my bliss, in the ebb and the flow of my soul-aligned life.
  • Best of all, these are all in body experiences. Not once have I felt outside of myself energetically. From this place, True life, the path of my True heart is unfurling in deeper and expansive ways, for where I am in my cycle of life, now.

Your experiences will be unique to you. However I anticipate similar experiences of knowing yourself and living in your life, particularly if you resonate with what I’ve written. 


The Creative Alchemy Outline

Each of the six live sessions will include:

  • One Creative Alchemy method each week. Enhancing, supporting and fostering your creative alchemical self to life.
  • Opportunity for collective participation
  • Activation and attention paid to fostering an essential aspect of your True nature
  • Teaching and guidance.
  • Intuitive transmissions, nuanced and specific to those that gather.
  • Shamanic in body journeying, resurrection and creation practices.
  • Completion/consolidation
  • Self-integration practices

The magic of Creative Alchemy is in the spaciousness provided within each two hour session. Time for note taking, collaboration, pleasure, pondering, and imagination is woven throughout.

The essence of this creative alchemical container has arrived swiftly and quickly – and we begin oh so soon…


Practical Details


Six consecutive weeks, beginning Thurs 28th March, completing Thurs 2nd May, 2024.


6.30pm – 8.30pm AEDT (Melbourne/Sydney/Canberra).

Full Investment:

$470.00 AUD (introductory investment)

Easy payment options upon booking:

1. Pay in full.

2. Pay x 2.

3. Pay x 4, via PayPal only.


Online via Zoom.

all are welcome


Easily book your place via the scheduler at the bottom of this page.


Discover Frequently Asked Questions here, where more information is provided.

For other questions, get in touch: [email protected].

To co-creating life together…

In soul wellness,

Melissa x