Living Revolution

Living Revolution

Living Revolution is a full circle inner-world transformational journey into greater wholeness. Anticipate shifts in understanding, consciousness, and felt-sense, visceral embodiment.

Each journey is always unique to the person stepping in. Potent, gentle, profound and integrated in its rhythm and nature. And a true joy to facilitate.

Living Revolution is for you if you want to experience revolutionary transformation in a particular area of your life. A full circle journey into wholeness with a part of yourself you desire to embody – in a whole new way. 

The core container runs over five consecutive days, with integration and ripple effects up to three months after the container is complete. Particularly when you practice and integrate the insights you receive from each session.

Living Revolution has somewhat of a fire cracker energy to it. Those called to journey in this way, truely want to clear the pathways for themselves to live an aligned, vital, upgraded, empowered and vibrant life.


Working with Melissa in any way is powerful, and a true gift. I will return to work with her over and over, simply because it is effective, powerful (and as cliche as it sounds!) life changing. BUT life changing the way of – it actually does shift your life in the most powerful ways both inside and out.


So often we spend so much time trying to work on the outside factors, improve your business, earn the millions, buy the thing….but it’s this work that counts. The energy stuff, the inner work  – so start here. And with Melissa. She is your woman. A true powerhouse and master of her craft.


Living Revolution was a powerful and potent journey. I have seen and felt the shifts of this work, instantly. Of all of my work with Melissa, this has really been a favourite container. One I will return to over and over. It’s in depth, potent, yet gentle and deeply effective. It takes you on a journey to exactly where you need to go.


I can truly say that this container has been effective in the best of ways – I have felt the shifts inside me, and in turn I have seen the shifts in the world around me, in how I show up in the world, and for myself.


There is so much I can say, but some things just need to be left and experienced to understand the true impact. Living Revolution and  Melissa’s work is one of them.


Please try it. You will be so deeply grateful you did.

– Hayley Donohue




We meet over 5 consecutive, daily, 45 minute sessions. Beginning Tuesday. Completing on Saturday.

All sessions are facilitated online. I’ve opened up my calendar exclusively for Living Revolution, so booking consecutive sessions is easy

First: book your Initial Living Revolution session on a Tuesday (AEST/AEDT) of your choice here
Then: consecutive sessions, Wednesday – Saturday, here

Each session builds and expands into the next, creating the full circle journey. Can you imagine the momentum that will build, and the transformation that will flow, when we meet together in this way?

You choose a core theme you’re ready to upgrade within yourself, and in your life.

Your core theme may include:

  • Soul-aligned living
  • Creativity & visioning
  • Sense of self-worth, value and empowerment
  • Visibility
  • Wealth & abundanceAllied & aligned community
  • Unlocking your authentic voice
  • Personal boundaries
  • Self-Leadership


Your options are unlimited. Choose an area of your-self or your-life you’d like to expand or heal, and this is where we’ll focus. The energy will always guide where your journey needs to go.


Mel holds exquisite space and her wisdom and sharp insight is shared with poetic precision. Simplicity is key – going deep on one theme has the power to take you all the way. And integration has just as much focus and intention, as revelation. Insight is lost if it is not embodied.


Living Revolution truly reflects not only the work Mel offers, but also how she offers it. Living.When working with Mel there is always a key focus on integration. Time and space are given to ensuring the medicine and wisdom are embodied and aligned. Change needs to be lived, otherwise it is simply an accumulation of experience or ideas, not a transformation.


Revolutions.The work is deeply integrated, so you literally live the medicine, the wisdom and the change. And having worked with Mel for close on seven years now, her commitment to her own growth and revolution is evident through her offerings. As I evolve, Mel’s offerings evolve and the aligned cycle of transformation flows.

– Naomi Carter, W.A


What’s required of you:

An ability to meet every day, for 5 consecutive days, un-interrupted for 45 minutes. Tuesday-Saturday. Within the hours available on the Living Revolution calendar.

Willingness to welcome all parts of you. True healing and transformation is only possible if the un-acknowledged parts of you (your shadow) are welcomed forward. These sensitive shadow wounds, once transformed, have the potential to become the gold of your soul, and the light of your life.

The Investment: 

$622.00 AUD

This is the full investment for all 5 Living Revolution sessions + the energetic weaving behind the scenes, from the moment you book, to the final session day when we complete.

Pay in full, choose 2 x payments of $311, or a four part payment plan may be available via PayPal’s ‘Pay in 4’ option, when completing your initial session booking.


Why have I created this  Living Revolution format? Essentially because I want to guide you in a similar way to how I guide myself, when I’m stepping in to transform, and when I’m stepping up to a new paradigm of experiencing myself in life.

For the primary purpose of living in the empowered light of my life – rather than the shadows.

The empowered light of my life is much more fun, much more purposeful, and much more internally fulfilling.


What I do for myself is: I consistently – daily, on repeat, – carve out priority time with myself and allow my shadow to come forward. I alchemise it, and I transform what emerges, by leaning into it, rather than rejecting or judging it. And I allow integration and embodiment – the settling in to the new vibrational normal.

As I keep meeting myself, my interior world looks and feels very different from day one to day five. I notice a significant change on day three. By day five, I’ve noticed subtle shifts in my exterior world that line up with the changes within.


This level of work simply isn’t possible in a one off session. Consistency, compassion, kindness and self-responsible accountability is key, so you’re able to build the momentum of the energetic upgrades you’re seeking.


If you’re ready for Living Revolution, go ahead and book your first session.

Or, for more information, simply email [email protected].


In soul wellness,

Melissa x